IvyGate Flower Farm Tour

IvyGate Flower Farm Tour

IvyGate Flower Farm Tour

Welcome to the IvyGate Flower Farm tour.  Conducted and filmed by IvyGate’s founder, owner, and operator, Cathy Allen, it offers a great behind-the-scenes look at how a master gardener with over 50 years of gardening experience turns her lifelong passion for all things blooming and growing into a brand new commercial enterprise.

I don’t know about you, but I love checking out other people’s gardens.  If gardening is your thing, you’ve got to admit that there’s nothing quite like taking stock of what’s growing on the other side of the fence, so to speak.  I used to really love going on garden walk events where I could hit one amazing private garden after another over the course of a few hours.  It was a win-win for everybody involved: The talented gardeners who were gracious enough to make their gardens accessible got some much-deserved recognition for their efforts, and nosy people like me got to see what other folks were growing in their gardens.  Definitely a win-win.  There’s just nothing like a good, old-fashioned garden tour.

And I’ve got one right here for you.  It’s the second ever video garden tour in Sights and Sounds here on The Renaissance Garden Guy, and it’s a great one.

And truthfully, it’s more than just a garden tour.  You’ll see a beautiful garden and some really beautiful plants, for sure.  But you’ll also get to see the beginnings – topographical footprint and all – of a fabulous new flower farm enterprise.  And you’ll get to hear about how it’s all going to come together from the business owner herself.

Cathy Allen has been a master gardener for over fifty years, but it’s only been within the last year or so that she’s taken her love of gardening, and those fifty-plus years of gardening skill and expertise, to the next level.  IvyGate Flower Farm, in Lakeview, Ohio, U.S.A., is open for business!  IvyGate is a florist and flower farm that features live and/or cut flowers, and other natural materials, sold fresh or arranged by Cathy for special events of all kind.  And Cathy also offers workshops, for individuals or groups, conducted right on-site.

I think that the three photos immediately below make it pretty clear that Cathy Allen and IvyGate Flower Farm know how to grow, and know how to show.

Although Cathy has been a master gardener for over a half-century, she’s only been flower farming for a year.  Thankfully, her gardening expertise also provides her with the wisdom to know that there’s definitely a difference between gardening and flower farming.  As you’ll see in her video tour, Cathy’s learning the ropes of the flower farming game and having a great time doing it.  The land that IvyGate occupies is approximately 3 acres in size, and it’s firmly situated in USDA hardiness zone 6B.  It’s also in a high-visibility resort location, which puts IvyGate Flower Farm front and center in terms of attracting the attention of potential clients and customers.  Cathy grows perennials and annuals, as well as shrubs and trees, on IvyGate’s three acres, and she is planning IvyGate’s involvement in community gardening projects which will include presentations and demonstrations at schools and various other associations and clubs where she can promote, among other things, environmentally friendly garden practices.

You’ve got the nuts and bolts from me, and now it’s time to let Cathy take you on a tour of Lakeview, Ohio’s IvyGate Flower Farm.  Click on the image link of IvyGate’s shimmering rainbow directly below to start the tour.  Enjoy!

Big land, big plans, and lots and lots of beauty are on tap in the coming days at IvyGate Flower Farm.  Cathy shot this video in early May, and since then, she and IvyGate have made amazing progress.  I’ll follow up with her right here on The Renaissance Garden Guy with an interview and pictorial a little later in the year.  I honestly cannot wait to see how things unfold on those three beautiful acres.

In the meantime, please visit IvyGate Flower Farm’s website at  ivygateflowerfarm.squarespace.com, and feel free to check out Cathy and IvyGate Flower Farm on social media: like them on Facebook at IvyGate Flower Farm, follow them on Instagram at Iva_kate 1026, and on Twitter at Iva Kate @IvyGateFlowers.

Contact IvyGate Flower Farm:

IvyGate Flower Farm

8810 Township Road 239

Lakeview, OH  43331

Telephone: (586) 808-0592

Website: ivygateflowerfarm.squarespace.com

My heartfelt gratitude goes to Cathy Allen for allowing us this glimpse into the development of what promises to be a wonderfully exciting – and very beautiful – floral enterprise.  I know that she and IvyGate Flower Farm have got great things in store.  And as always, my dear readers and subscribers, I thank you for your kind interest, readership, and viewership.

Cheers, and Happy Gardening!

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6 thoughts on “IvyGate Flower Farm Tour”

  1. I enjoyed the tour very much… I wish her all the best!
    Everything looks perfect for her dreams to come to life. Thank you so much for sharing 🙏🙏🙏 Your features are always amazing❤️🌸🌼🌺🙏

    1. Thank you so much for watching the video, Roxxy. I agree with you. Cathy’s really got a fabulous set-up. Lots of land and 50+ years of gardening experience is a great combination of attributes. And of course, Roxxy, I thank you for your lovely compliment. I’m so glad that you enjoy the content here. I truly, truly appreciate that.

  2. Interesting video. I wish Cathy much success with her venture. Thanks for sharing her vision here, John. I appreciate your efforts to introduce your readers and subscribers to other gardeners who want to share their unique dreams.

    1. Thank you for watching Cathy’s video, Kevin. She’s got a plan and she’s got the land. I’m looking forward to watching IvyGate Flower Farm’s progress. Thanks again, Kevin.

    1. Thank you for checking out this feature, Rick. I do agree. Cathy Allen has got the gardening and growing experience, plus the acreage, to develop a wonderfully successful operation. I’m personally looking forward to seeing how things progress – and what she grows – at IvyGate Flower Farm. Thanks once again, Rick.

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