Sam Preston's Spring Garden Tour 2024

Sam Preston’s Spring Garden Tour 2024

Sam Preston's Spring Garden Tour 2024

Welcome to Sam Preston’s Spring Garden Tour 2024, straight out of West Yorkshire, UK, and hosted right here on The Renaissance Garden Guy.  Take this mesmerizing video tour and experience for yourself the glorious health and resonant beauty of an award-winning English garden in springtime.

Unbelievable Speed 2023

I’m not going to waste any time today.  We’ve got Sam Preston’s spring garden tour video to watch, and I want to get right to it.  But I’ll first remind you that Sam’s gardening expertise and artistry have graced both the written and audiovisual environs of The Renaissance Garden Guy on two previous occasions.  Most recently, Sam sat down with me (just this past March) from across the Atlantic in her West Yorkshire, UK home for a fascinating interview about her methodology for creating and maintaining her award-winning garden’s ecosystem.  Please click to read “Creating and Maintaining a Garden Ecosystem: An Interview with UK Master Plantswoman Sam Preston” and learn how a healthy garden and its healthy wildlife population equate to a garden of unsurpassed, transcendent beauty.  A bit further back, in September of 2023, Sam, Ted (her canine gardening assistant), and Sam’s garden (winner of the 2023 Yorkshire Wildlife Trust Award) were introduced to RGG readers and viewers via Sam’s amazing fall garden tour video.  Please click  “A West Yorkshire Garden Tour” to take that amazing autumn garden stroll with Sam and Ted.  For those of you who haven’t done so already, checking out Sam’s last two features will allow you to get to know Sam and her gardening ideology and methodology, and will give you an excellent basis for comparison of her garden’s performance from one season to another.  (Spoiler alert: Sam’s summer video garden tour will be here before we know it.)

Below, you’ll find some fabulous stills, with captions, of some of Sam’s early springtime-blooming garden denizens.  You’ll see these beatiful life forms in the video, and you can refer back to the photos for identification purposes in case something gets buy you during the tour.  You’ll also see a shot of Sam and Ted themselves.  After all, they are the architects and custodians of this garden paradise, and it wouldn’t do to omit their pics.  Finally, you’ll find the link to click to watch the video – its a photo of one of Sam’s camellia blooms.

Ok.  I’ve written enough.  It’s time to enjoy the beautiful photos and, of course, Sam Preston’s spring garden tour.  Here you go…

Sam Preston's Spring Garden Tour 2024
Sweet spurge (Euphorbia dulcis).
Sam Preston's Spring Garden Tour 2024
Yellow archangel (Lamium galeobdolon).
Sam Preston's Spring Garden Tour 2024
Hyacinth 'Blue Star'.
Sam Preston's Spring Garden Tour 2024
Damson blossom.
Sam Preston's Spring Garden Tour 2024
Sam Preston's Spring Garden Tour 2024
Rhododendron and Japanese laurel.
Sam Preston's Spring Garden Tour 2024
Clematis cirrhosa var. balearica. This bloom also serves as the featured image at the top of the page.
Sam Preston's Spring Garden Tour 2024
Narcissus blooms. Clockwise from top left: 'Cheerfulness', 'Martinette', 'Replete', 'Trumpet Yellow'.
Sam Preston's Spring Garden Tour 2024
Laurustinus (Viburnum x burkwoodii).
Sam Preston's Spring Garden Tour 2024
The profuse blooming of a stately magnolia in Sam's garden.
Sam Preston's Spring Garden Tour 2024
Magnolia blossoms up close.
Sam Preston's Spring Garden Tour 2024
Sam and Ted. Together, they're this garden's creative and custodial force.

Now, please click the camellia bloom below.  It’s the link that will take you directly to Sam Preston’s spring garden tour of 2024.  Trust me, you’ll want to take this tour.

I hope you’ve enjoyed Sam Preston’s spring garden tour.  I found it to be absolutely amazing (I’ve already watched it three times).  Sam’s little piece of Heaven on Earth exists as a result of brilliant skill, creativity, and hard work.  And I think you’ll agree, my dear readers and subscribers, that Sam has been rewarded for her efforts.  Her garden’s beauty and vitality are evident along every path and in every planting bed, beneath every tree and shrub, in the waters of the pond, and in the faces of each of the flowers.  Brava, Sam.  You’ve created a true Eden.

Please follow Sam on Twitter (X) at @Sam_SSSLearning to follow all of her gardening adventures as they unfold.

My heartfelt thanks go to Sam Preston and Ted for all of their time and effort in preparing this wonderful video, and for their gracious participation in this feature.  And of course, my dear readers and subscribers, I thank each of you.  Your kind interest and readership are dearly appreciated.

Cheers, and Happy Gardening!

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8 thoughts on “Sam Preston’s Spring Garden Tour 2024”

    1. Thank you for checking the feature out and for taking the tour, Roxxy. And of course, thank you for commenting here. Sam’s work really is incredible, Roxxy, and it demonstrates very clearly that when a garden is healthy – especially all of the organisms living there – not just the plants, but animals, fungi, microorganisms, etc. – it’s also more beautiful than can be imagined. Thank you again, Roxxy.

    1. Thank you, Lane. I appreciate your watching the tour. Sam’s really created a paradise, hasn’t she? Her philosophy is evident in every aspect of her garden. I’m glad you enjoyed the video, Lane. Thanks once again.

  1. Sam and Ted are enjoying the absolutely beautiful garden that Sam has developed. It is a paradise. Thanks, John, for featuring this charming video.

    1. I’m glad you’ve enjoyed it, Rick. Thank you for watching it and for commenting here. Sam has done an incredible job, and her garden truly exists as a tangible manifestation of her passion and respect for the natural world and its inhabitants. Thank you again, Rick.

  2. Sam, thank you so much for sharing your lovely garden with us here in The RGG. It was a real feast for the eyes. I am sure that it smells incredible as well. Please continue to share your garden here as the year progresses. I really look forward to your next tour.

    1. Wonderful thoughts, Kevin. Thank you for commenting. Like you, I’m really looking forward to summertime in Sam and Ted’s beautiful garden.

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