The Hostas and More May Tour

The Hostas and More May Tour

The Hostas and More May Tour

Welcome to The RGG Hostas and More May Tour.  I’ll be your guide for another misguided spin around my garden, where the hostas, groundcovers, and more all look great, and I do not.  But hey, it ain’t all about me.  It’s all about the plants.  So stick around for some pretty decent pics and a 9-minute walkaround in my hosta-laden, 5B/6A garden.

Unbelievable Speed 2023

Hmmm… two brand new RGG features in as many days…  Evidently, I’m becoming prolific.  Damn.  Admittedly, yesterday’s feature, and today’s, are basically video link vehicles (so, I didn’t have to do a hell of a lot of writing) that are engineered to take you respectively to two RGG videos, and to give you a little background on each of them, plus show you some pretty decent pictures.  And it’s my own garden that’s made things even easier for me by providing all the subject matter for the whole shebang.  In today’s feature, “The Hostas and More May Tour,” hostas and groundcover plants are the featured acts.

I’ve written here specifically about hostas and groundcover plants before.  “Green Up Your Garden with Hostas!” was published in 2022 and offers some great info about growing, caring for, and designing with hostas, along with a huge number of photos with descriptive captions.  Earlier that same year, I published “7 Super Perennial Groundcovers for Sun, Shade, and More,” which features great groundcover suggestions along with growing and care info, and pics.  And the hostas, and shade-loving and groundcover plants that grow in my garden have their very own image gallery dedicated to them in The Renaissance Garden Guy Photo Gallery – please feel free to visit the Hostas, Shade-lovers, and Groundcovers image gallery for some pretty outstanding shots of this extremely cool group of garden plants.

But of course, today, the video I shot (on May 2, 2024) will give you some live action footage of a bunch of these guys actually living it up in my garden.  Below, you’ll find some images, seven of which are stills that are somewhat representative of the populations of these plants I’ve currently got growing in my own little acre.  The eighth image is a link to the video itself (which can also be accessed from The Renaissance Garden Guy YouTube Channel) that you can click to take the tour.

Here you go…

The Hostas and More May Tour
The Hostas and More May Tour
The Hostas and More May Tour
...and more hostas!
The Hostas and More May Tour
Coral bells do appreciate some shade, and are often considered groundcover plants. I consider them stand-alone plants that combine beautifully with hostas in a garden's design. This photograph (along with the immediate next one), was actually taken on 04-30-24, two days before I shot the video.
The Hostas and More May Tour
Clockwise from top left: Grace Ward Lithodora, Pulmonaria (lungwort), and Phlox divaricata (woodland phlox). 04-30-24.
The Hostas and More May Tour
Creeping phlox (Phlox subulata) in the upper left, Voodoo sedum (Sedum spurium), top right and bottom left, and snow-in-summer (Cerastium tomentosum).
The Hostas and More May Tour
I love the carpet of blue that creeping phlox (top left, bottom right), and woodland forget-me-nots (Myosotis sylvatica) respectively create in my garden.

The image of the hosta below is the one to click to take the RGG Hostas and More May Tour.  I hope you’ll like it.

So, that’s it for The Hostas and More May Tour.  My filmmaking skills leave much to be desired, and my own screen presence is horrifying.  I get it.  But I’m hoping that the beauty of the hostas and groundcover plants featured in the tour transcended my abysmal cinematographic activities and brought you at least some measure of enjoyment.  Remember, here in The Renaissance Garden Guy, it’s always been about the plants. 

As always, my dear readers and subscribers, I thank you for your kind interest, readership, and viewership.  I’m very, very grateful.

Cheers, and Happy Gardening!

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6 thoughts on “The Hostas and More May Tour”

  1. Another superb article, about a superb garden..,
    Loved the tour … such variety …
    Again the only thing I can say is “BEAUTIFUL”🌸💕

    1. Once again, Roxxy, I thank you very kindly. I’m so happy that you’re enjoying these little spins around my garden. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your kindness and your interest in my efforts. Thank you again, Roxxy!

  2. Great to see the maturation of your garden. Videos are an important and enjoyable part of what the RGG has to offer.

    1. Thank you, Rick, for your kind words and your viewing of the feature. I’m happy that the progress of my garden, and The Renaissance Garden Guy, hasn’t escaped you. I really appreciate that, Rick. Thanks once again.

  3. I love your garden! I have lots of hostas too, but you have so many different varieties. The blue and white garden is fantastic. You have so many large plantings in full bloom! It’s wonderful to see so many plants blooming so early in the year. Thanks for sharing your garden here in The RGG!

    1. Thank you, Kevin. I appreciate your taking the tour. The transformative effects of hostas are remarkable, aren’t they? When it comes to designing and growing a rich, green garden, hostas are wonderful plants that literally do all the work. Thanks again, Kevin!

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