The RGG's May Garden Tour 2024

The RGG’s May Garden Tour 2024

The RGG's May Garden Tour 2024

Welcome to The RGG’s May Garden Tour 2024.  Nothing tricky here, gang: just a little over six minutes of garden walkaround video, shot on May 2nd, with not too much of yours truly to be seen.  Early May garden growth here in hardiness zone 5B/6A is always exciting, and I think that it makes this short vid worth a look.

Unbelievable Speed 2023

Just like the sign says, guys and gals, this one’s got The RGG’s May Garden Tour 2024 right here.  Below, you’ll see a few representative pics of early May happenings in my garden, and below those pics, you’ll see the image link that will take you right to the video.  Just look for the photo of the least appealing item you can find in this feature, and quite possibly anywhere else (me, of course), and click on it.  But before you do, take a look at these pics…

The RGG's May Garden Tour 2024
Spanish whitebells, woodland phlox, and Iberis really dazzle in early May.
The RGG's May Garden Tour 2024
Azalea, bleeding hearts, perennial violas, Spanish whitebells, and more puffy Iberis clouds.
The RGG's May Garden Tour 2024
Ajuga, bleeding hearts, primroses, hellebores and forget-me-nots help put the blue and the white into my "Blue and White Hill" planting feature in late April and early May.
The RGG's May Garden Tour 2024
Purple, green, and limestone go well together, I think.

Ok, the image link I warned you about is right below.  Click on it to take the tour.  

I hope you enjoyed The RGG’s May Garden Tour 2024.  If you were able to get past my horrendous screen presence, you might have gotten to enjoy seeing some pretty green growth and colorful blooms.  I hope so, because that was the whole point to this little production.  Incidentally, this video is one you can also watch, along with a whole lot of other RGG vids, directly from the vantage point of The Renaissance Garden Guy YouTube Channel.  The link to the channel is always displayed right on The RGG website’s homepage, but you can click right here to check out the channel without leaving this page (in case the opportunity to watch me embarrass myself again and again can’t be deferred).

Thanks for bearing with me, my dear readers and subscribers, and for sticking this one out to the end.  As always, your kind interest, readership, and viewership are dearly appreciated.

Cheers, and Happy Gardening!

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6 thoughts on “The RGG’s May Garden Tour 2024”

    1. Bless your kind heart, Roxxy! I’m glad to know that my awful presence in the video didn’t dampen your spirits and keep you from enjoying the plant life – thank you so much!

  1. I loved the tour. You have such a wide variety of plants, and they are all so beautiful. The photo of the green and purple against the planter is my favorite. Well, it was until I watched your tour, now I can’t decide!

    1. Thank you so much, Kevin. I really appreciate that. I’m glad you enjoyed the tour, in spite of my own presence!

  2. Exciting to see the transformation from winter to spring. Your garden has developed wonderfully over the past years. Congratulations!

    1. Thank you for checking out the feature and the video tour, Rick. And thank you for your kind words. I do admit that this time of year is the most captivating for me in terms of garden performance. It’s heartening to watch these organisms, which had taken the worst that winter had thrown at them, rebound and come back bigger and better than ever. I’m sure there’s a metaphor in there somewhere… Again, I thank you for noticing the garden’s progress, and for reading, viewing, and commenting. It’s truly appreciated, Rick.

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