The Renaissance Garden Guy Photo Gallery

Welcome to The Renaissance Garden Guy Photo Gallery.  Below, you’ll find image links to 19 different image collections, each labeled with the name of a specific category.  From right here, you’ll be able to find photographic representations of all the goings-on in the world of The Renaissance Garden Guy, category by category.  Gardening, designing, building, reading, collecting, etc, etc, etc.  The pics are all here.  I’ll be continually adding photos to each image collection – particularly throughout the spring, summer, and fall seasons – so check in often and check out the shots.  With the exception of advertisements, all of the pics in these galleries are my own.  All of the gardening and garden design and construction pics are of my garden, and what’s happening within its walls.  And all of the non-gardening pics are of my stuff, my people, and my pups.  It’s all RGG material.  And these photo collections, like the plants in my garden, are growing fast.  Click on the image links and enjoy the pics.  Cheers, and Happy Gardening!

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